(Updated 10/30/17)

My name is Mrs. Schiweck, and I am the librarian at Moscow Middle School.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you.  Feel free to stop by the library.  We have a large collection of books, magazines, audiobooks, and reference materials to meet your enjoyment and informational needs.  Throughout the school year, we will be featuring library programs and other activities.  Chess boards and mind puzzling activities are always set up and available during student free time. We are open from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. every school day.

Check back here for more information, or visit the Moscow Middle School Library website.

See you in the library!

Mrs. Schiweck



The 6th grade reading teachers, Mrs. Mangini, Mrs. Faircloth and Mrs. VanArsdel are planning a Speed Date a Book activity for their students.  Students will be given just a few minutes to get to know a book before moving on to the next as they travel around the table.  This is an opportunity for each student to create a list of books that he/she would like to get to know better.


October is always an exciting and crazy time in the MMS library.  This year’s Spooktacular events provided spooky and non-spooky fun for everyone.

Spooktacular 2017 Opportunities

  • Spooktacular Books – fun, scary books

    Orange Books – Leaf Trough a Good Book

  • Orange Books – great books with orange covers
  • New Books – new books purchased for the 2017-18 school year
  • Cooperative games:  Settlers of Catan and Forbidden Island
  • Puzzles
  • Leaf Art:  Leaf rubbing, Leaf painting, Leaf creatures
  • Paper Pumpkin creations – craft project
  • Pumpkin string art – craft project

Carve Out Time to Read


Make It at the MMS Library STEAM Activities

May 2017

  • K’nex Challenges – Each day students were given a new K’nex construction challenge to complete. Students used the K’nex building pieces to design prototypes for each of the challenges. Some of the designs included robots, Ferris wheels, vehicles for space exploration, watercraft, and playground equipment.
  • Makedo Cardboard Construction – Students used the tools in the Makedo toolkits to design and construct with cardboard and other recycled materials.
  • Makey Makey – Students experimented with Makey Makey circuit boards and Scratch programs in combination with non computer everyday objects to create unique computer controllers.  One of their favorites was the Makey Makey flower piano.

April 2017

  • Edison Robots – The MMS library provided students with an introduction to the Edison robots. Students explored the basic functions of the robots by using its barcode scanning features. Several of the students moved on to programming using the software provided on the Edison website (https://meetedison.com/). The Edison Robots are available for check out.
  • Poetry – found poetry, blackout poetry, and concrete poetry.


Through a joint effort and grant opportunity provided by the Idaho Commission for Libraries, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Idaho STEM Action Center, and Tesoro the Moscow Middle School Library was the lucky recipient of:

These STEM resources will be available for classrooms and individual use throughout the Moscow School District. Some of the Edison Robots and Makey Makeys will be available for check out.  Ask your librarian how you can borrow these resources today!


March Madness voting has begin in the MMS Library. Vote once each day for your favorites.

Sweet Sixteen List

Divergent VS The Raft

Heroes of Olympus VS Lost in the Sun

Legend VS Fault in Our Stars

Brotherband Chronicles VS Unbroken

Selection VS The Boy in Striped Pajamas

Hunger Games VS Fablehaven

Eye of Minds VS Michael Vey

Harry Potter VS Maze Runner


Are you in a reading slump? Are you feeling adventurous? Then you might be ready for a blind date with a book.  Choose your date from the wrapped books in the library then date at least the first chapter or two of the book before deciding if the book is “Hot” or not.  Come see a librarian for all the dating guidelines.


The Moscow Middle School Library has added 134 new books to its collection.  Stop by and check one out today.

Sorted by Call Number / Author.
006.3 HUL

Hulick, Kathryn, author. Artificial intelligence.

155.4 CAI

Cain, Susan, author. Quiet power : the secret strengths of introverts.

179 TAY

Taylor, Patty, author. Animal rights.

201 MCF

McFarlane, Marilyn. Sacred stories : wisdom from world religions.

305.8 ROB

Robinson, Chuck (Author at Mason Crest Publishers), author. Racism.

323 FIN

Finucane, Brendan, author. Human rights.

362.5 STE

Steinman, Karen, author. Poverty.

362.87 MIL

Miller, Harry (Author at Mason Crest Publishers), author. Refugees.

363.325 WEB

Webb, Glenn, author. Terrorism.

398.2 MCC

McCaughrean, Geraldine. Perseus.

398.2 SCH

Schomp, Virginia. The Norsemen.

520 KRU

Kruesi, Liz, author. Astronomy.

540 MOO

Mooney, Carla, 1970- author. Chemistry : investigate the matter that makes up your world.

577.34 TAR

Tarbox, A. D. (Angelique D.), author. A rainforest food chain : odysseys.

577.4 TAR

Tarbox, A. D. (Angelique D.), author. A prairie food chain : odysseys.

577.5 TAR

Tarbox, A. D. (Angelique D.), author. An Arctic tundra food chain : odysseys.

577.5 TAR

Tarbox, A. D. (Angelique D.), author. A mountain food chain : odysseys.

577.54 TAR

Tarbox, A. D. (Angelique D.), author. A desert food chain : odysseys.  publisher.

577.7 TAR

Tarbox, A. D. (Angelique D.), author. An ocean food chain : odysseys.

610.72 MOR

Morris, Alexandra, author. Medical research + technology.

612.8 ABR

Abramovitz, Melissa, 1954- author. Brain science.

620 SLI

Slingerland, Janet, author. Nanotechnology.

621.042 HUL

Hulick, Kathryn, author. Energy technology.

629.133 WHI

White, Rowland, author. Cleared for takeoff : the ultimate book of flight.

629.4 KRU

Kruesi, Liz, author. Space exploration.

631.5 HAN

Hand, Carol, 1945- author. Sustainable agriculture.

660.6 THO

Thompson, Martin, author. Genetic engineering.

745.5 FIE

Fields, Stella, author. Lazy crafternoon.

796.332 CAM

Campbell, Dave (Sportswriter), author. Minnesota Vikings.

796.334 MOR

Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia), 1989- author. Breakaway.

796.44 BIL

Biles, Simone, 1997- author. Courage to soar : a body in motion, a life in balance.

796.8 HAN

Hanel, Rachael. Gladiators. 1st ed.

910 PHI

Philbrick, Nathaniel, author. In the heart of the sea : the true story of the whaleship Essex.

910.9163 TOU

Tougias, Mike, 1955- author. A storm too soon : a remarkable true survival story in 80-foot seas.

932 BLA

Blackaby, Susan. Cleopatra : Egypt’s last and greatest queen.

937.06 KER

Kerrigan, Michael, 1959- author. The untold history of the Roman emperors.

940.1 HAN

Hanawalt, Barbara A., 1941-. The European world, 400-1450.

940.53 HOO

Hoose, Phillip M., 1947- author. The boys who challenged Hitler : Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club.

940.53 LEY

Leyson, Leon, 1929-2013, author. The boy on the wooden box : how the impossible became possible… on Schindler’s list : a memoir.

940.54 OLS

Olson, Tod, author. Lost in the Pacific, 1942 : not a drop to drink.

941.1 YOM

Yomtov, Nelson, author. Scotland.

941.7 BLA

Blashfield, Jean F., author. Ireland.

943.6 SHE

Sheehan, Sean, 1951- author. Austria.

943.9 BJO

Bjorklund, Ruth, author. Hungary.

944 SON

Sonneborn, Liz. France.

945 BLA

Blashfield, Jean F., author. Italy.

946 SOM

Somervill, Barbara A. Spain.

947 BYE

Byers, Ann, author. The Golden Horde and the rise of Moscow.

948.5 HEI

Heinrichs, Ann, author. Sweden.

949.2 HIN

Hintz, Martin, author. The Netherlands.

949.3 PAT

Pateman, Robert, 1954- author. Belgium.

949.4 ROG

Rogers Seavey, Lura, author. Switzerland.

950 FRE

Freedman, Jeri, author. The Mongol conquests : warfare, slaughter, and political rule.

950 HAR

Harrison, Kathryn, 1987- author. Mongols on the Silk Road : trade, transportation, and cross-cultural exchange in the Mongol Empire.

950 LUS

Lüsted, Marcia Amidon, author. Genghis Khan and the building of the Mongol Empire.

950 SWA

Swanson, Jennifer, author. The fall of the Mongol empire : disintegration, disease, and an enduring legacy.

951 DRE

Dreier, David Louis, author. The Yuan Dynasty.

951 SON

Sonneborn, Liz, author. Tibet.

951 VIE

Vietze, Andrew, author. Kublai Khan : emperor of China. First edition.

951.25 SOM

Somervill, Barbara A., author. Hong Kong.

951.7 BJO

Bjorklund, Ruth, author. Mongolia.

951.95 SOM

Somervill, Barbara A., author. South Korea.

953.3 SON

Sonneborn, Liz, author. Yemen.

953.57 SOM

Somervill, Barbara A., author. United Arab Emirates.

959.1 MAR

Mara, Wil, author. Myanmar.

959.3 FRI

Friedman, Mel, 1946- author. Thailand.

959.5 BUR

Burgan, Michael, author. Malaysia : enchantment of the world.

959.57 MAR

Mara, Wil, author. Singapore.

959.7 SEA

Seah, Audrey, 1958- author. Vietnam.

959.8 YOM

Yomtov, Nelson, author. Indonesia.

959.9 OLE

Oleksy, Walter G., 1930- author. The Philippines.

962 HEI

Heinrichs, Ann. Egypt.

964 BLA

Blauer, Ettagale, author. Morocco.

966.26 SOM

Somervill, Barbara A., author. Niger.

966.9 ROG

Rogers Seavey, Lura, author. Nigeria.

967.62 BUR

Burgan, Michael, author. Kenya.

972.87 BLA

Blashfield, Jean F., author. Panama.

972.92 SHE

Sheehan, Sean, 1951- author. Jamaica.

973 SHE

Sherman, Jill, author. The American identity.

976.4 FRI

Frisch, Nate, author. Big Bend National Park. First edition.

978 HAD

Hadley, Caroline Joy. Cowboys & critters : symbiosis in the American West.

978.3 FRI

Frisch, Nate, author. Badlands National Park.

978.7 FRI

Frisch, Nate, author. Grand Teton National Park. First edition.

978.8 FRI

Frisch, Nate, author. Rocky Mountain National Park. First edition.

983 BUR

Burgan, Michael, author. Chile.

984 PAT

Pateman, Robert, 1954- author. Bolivia.

985 FAL

Falconer, Kieran, 1970- author. Peru.

986.6 FOL

Foley, Erin, 1967- author. Ecuador.

993 WAL

Walsh Shepherd, Donna, author. New Zealand.


Auxier, Jonathan, author. The night gardener.


Bradford, Michael, 1975- author. Button Hill.


Child, Lauren, author. Ruby Redfort look into my eyes.


Dashner, James, 1972- author. The fever code.


Evans, Richard Paul, author. Michael Vey. : book six of seven.


Flanagan, John (John Anthony). The ruins of Gorlan.


Fox, Janet S., author. The charmed children of Rookskill Castle.


Gratz, Alan, 1972- author. Code of honor.


Hunt, Lynda Mullaly, author. Fish in a tree.


Oppel, Kenneth, 1967- author. The nest.


Lin, Grace, author, illustrator. When the sea turned to silver.


Marshall, Joseph, 1945- author. In the footsteps of Crazy Horse.


Mass, Wendy, 1967-. Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life.


McMann, Lisa. The Unwanteds.


Meyer, Marissa, author. Heartless.


Meyer, Marissa, author. Winter.


Milford, Kate, author. Greenglass House.


Mull, Brandon, 1974- author. Death weavers.


Mull, Brandon, 1974-. Fablehaven.


Patterson, James, 1947- author. Nevermore.


Riggs, Ransom, author. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.


Riordan, Rick, author. The Hammer of Thor. .


Russell, Rachel Renée, author. Tales from a not-so-glam TV star.


Stead, Rebecca, author. Goodbye stranger.

GN 306.875 TEL

Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator. Sisters.

GN 741.5 BEN

Harper, Benjamin, author. Charles Dickens’s A Christmas carol.

GN 741.5 BOW

Bowen, Carl, author. Robert Louis Stevenson’s The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

GN 741.5 CHA

Chantler, Scott, author, illustrator. Three thieves.

GN 741.5 CHA

Chantler, Scott, author, illustrator. Three thieves.

GN 741.5 EVE

Everheart, Chris, author. Jules Verne’s Around the world in 80 days.

GN 741.5 HOE

Hoena, B. A., author. J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

GN 741.5 JAM

Jamieson, Victoria, author, illustrator. Roller girl.

GN 741.5 LAN

Stahlberg, Lance, author. Alexander Dumas’s The three Musketeers.

GN 741.5 MAR

Powell, Martin, 1959- author. Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.

GN 741.5 NYK

Nykko. The ElseWhere chronicles.

GN 741.5 NYK

Nykko, author. The ElseWhere chronicles.

GN 741.5 SCO

Chantler, Scott, author, illustrator. Three thieves.

GN 741.5 SPI

Spiegelman, Nadja, author, illustrator. Lost in NYC : a subway adventure.


Loughead, Deb, 1955- author. Rise of the zombie scarecrows.


McClintock, Norah, author. Slide.


Peacock, Shane, author. Separated.


Scrimger, Richard, 1957- author. Weerdest day ever!


Tullson, Diane, 1958- author. Taz’s recipe.


Watson, Cristy, 1964- author. On cue.


Wilson, John, 1951 August 2- author. The missing skull.